A Large Penis – Women Love It – Men Dream It

A large penis is every man’s dream and a woman can go crazy when her man is well-endowed with one. Why is the world, especially women so obsessed with a large penis? In fact the love for a large phallus is so spectacular, that sex surveys have revealed that a woman would rather go to bed with an average-looking man endowed with a large penis than with a handsome hunk with an mean size penis!

Let us look at some of the reasons why women go nuts over a large penis:

Large Women

1. Just like big breasts or a broad hip in a woman turns on most men, a large penis is the extreme stamp of sexuality in a man. It assures deeper penetration during intercourse and it is believed that sex with a man with a large manhood can supervene in unforgettable ecstasy.

A Large Penis – Women Love It – Men Dream It

2. A large penis is identified with more sexual prowess. A man with a large penis exudes confidence both in and out of bed. Women feel more comfortable in the business of a physically well-endowed man than with man who may be kind and generous but does not have a large unit to boast of.

3. A large penis is related not with virility but also with the reproductive capacity of a man. A woman, subconsciously feels reassured that a man with a large manhood can impregnate her as he can reach the deepest crevices of her womb. A man who has a large penis is thus perceived to be a responsible man capable of fathering a child.

4. A large penis is representative of virility, strength, durableness and machismo. Men with small or mean size penises are perceived to be ‘weaker’ and therefore incapable of satisfying their partners in bed.

5. Penis has always remained the most important stamp of manhood. This is what differentiates a woman’s body from a man’s. A large phallus, subsequently endorses the view that the owner is more of a man, than the rest. It is the final stamp of ‘masculinity’.

6. A large phallus for a woman is so sexually satisfying that regularly women would not like to move over to another partner with a smaller organ. A twig after she has experienced the big is a no-no. In fact, a large manhood can go a long way in sustaining a association for long.

7. A large penis is always a proud talking point not only for the man who possesses it but also for the woman who has experienced it. If a woman feels proud to have large breasts, she would feel equally proud to make love to a man with a large unit.

8. Most of us want the best in anything we get in life. Women are no irregularity when it concerns having a sexual association with a man. She not only expects appealing foreplay before the act, she also looks transmit to a large phallus penetrating her body. Sometimes the understanding of a large one can give her orgasms.

9. Market surveys amongst women have revealed that sex with a man with a large manhood is more pleasurable, memorable and satisfying than having sex with man who is not so well-endowed.

Does this mean that men with smaller penises cannot find sexual partners? Of course, they can, but they have to try harder!

A Large Penis – Women Love It – Men Dream It


What Causes Belly Fat in Women? The 5 Main Causes of Stomach Fat You Need to Be Aware Of

If you’re one of the many women who enduringly struggle with belly fat, then learning what causes belly fat in women could help you in controlling and reducing the estimate of fat in your stomach area. Not only will losing belly fat make your appearance absorbing again, but it also has requisite benefits to your condition since stomach fat can cause many condition problems. Here are 5 main things that cause belly fat in women.

Poor diet – Diet that’s made up of in general processed food is a major cause of belly fat. In addition, absorbing foods that are high in carbs and fat can also lead heavily to stomach fat. So try to declare a salutary and balanced diet if you unquestionably want to get rid of stomach fat.

Large Women

Lack of exercise – quarterly rehearsal burns extra calories and fat. Plus, it keeps your body, especially your heart, healthy. A lack of rehearsal causes belly fat in women because if you lack exercise, your calorie intake won’t get burned and will instead turn into stored fat, including stomach fat.

What Causes Belly Fat in Women? The 5 Main Causes of Stomach Fat You Need to Be Aware Of

Genetics – Genetics and hereditary traits play an foremost role in your body’s appearance. Some women have large frames, while others have small frames. And some women store excess fat in the thighs and buttocks, while others store it in the stomach area. So if you find yourself tend to store fat in the midsection area, genetics might have something to do with it.

Stress – citizen touch stress daily since it’s a natural part of everyday life. But a high level of stress can cause you body to store more fat than usual. When you’re extremely stressed, your body tends to release more cortisol and insulin, which can cause you to feel hungrier and crave more sugar. So try to declare a salutary level of stress in your life so that you can start to lose fat in the stomach area.

Slow metabolism – Some women naturally have slower metabolism, which tends to get even slower when they get older. Slower metabolism is unquestionably your body natural mechanism to help fight starvation, but it causes belly fat in women because it makes your body store fat more easily, especially if you don’t have a salutary eating and rehearsal habit.

What Causes Belly Fat in Women? The 5 Main Causes of Stomach Fat You Need to Be Aware Of